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James Bell, M.D.

I strongly believe that is the best solution-based anxiety website that I've ever seen. I recommend it to many of my patients and I applaud Bodell Ostertag for sharing her deeply personal experiences in an effort to educate others about their anxiety. Knowledge is power. The more you can understand the inner workings of your anxiety disorder, the more you can begin to manage it. This website helps you get your power back.

-Dr. James Bell, M.D.-


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Bodell Ostertag

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For most of her life, Bodell Ostertag suffered from severe and crippling anxiety. "I was alone, trying to survive each day against anxiety. It wasn't just awful. It was completely debilitating."

Thankfully though, after many years of intense suffering, Bodell Ostertag started to heal from her anxiety, and as she got better, her desire to help others who suffered from anxiety grew.

Learn more about the secret to Bodell's anxiety success, here.

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Shannon Marie, RN

“If you are looking to significantly reduce your anxiety with an easy-to-understand approach, then you have found the right place.  This website has everything you need to understand your anxiety.  I recommend it to everyone. “


~Shannon Marie, RN, BSN~ 

Ben Miller, ER Trauma Nurse

“The Freedom from Anxiety Guide is fantastic. An absolute must read for people who are looking for solutions for their anxiety. If you want solutions for your anxiety, this is a great place to start.”


~Ben Miller, ER Trauma Nurse, BSN~ 

Codi Miller-McIntrye

“Bodell Ostertag understands anxiety on a very deep level & she is able to communicate solutions in a way which makes sense. If you want to get rid of your anxiety, she offers an approach that gives results.

~Codi Miller-McIntrye, 3x MVP European Bball League~ 

Hope 4 Anxiety

The personal anxiety blog of Bodell Ostertag

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Why anxiety never takes a vacation

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Anxiety & Diet

How certain foods help us with our fight against anxiety

anxiety isolation

The Isolating Effects of Social Anxiety

And how to overcome them

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