Shannon Marie
BSN, Registered Nurse

If you are looking to significantly reduce your anxiety with a clear & easy-to-understand approach, then you have found the right place.  This website has everything you need to understand & manage your anxiety.  I recommend it to everyone.        

Codi Miller-Mcintyre
Founder of Patience Clothing, 3x MVP of European National Basketball League

Bodell Ostertag understands anxiety and anxiety disorders on a very deep level and she is able to communicate solutions in a way which makes sense.  If you want to reduce your anxiety, this website offers an approach that gives results.                    

BSN, ER Trauma Nurse

The Freedom from Anxiety Guide is fantastic. An absolute must read for people who are looking for solutions for their anxiety.

Received message on facebook

Hi. I’ve just read your ‘freedom from anxiety guide’ & I’m absolutely blown away. Almost like u had written the course based on me & my life lol. Has made me see so many things clearer & to understand how I have come to be like this. Thank you so much.  


I don’t fear anxiety anymore & I never thought I’d say that. Thank you!