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How To Get Rid Of Anxiety

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If you are looking for solutions for your anxiety, panic attacks, or have an anxiety disorder then you have found the right place because…

The Freedom from Anxiety Guide will teach you everything you need to know about chronic anxiety – specifically – how to get rid of it. 


The Freedom From Anxiety Guide

Anxiety isn’t just unpleasant. It is scary, frustrating, uncomfortable, and at times, incredibly debilitating. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to do something in life and then immediately thinking:

“I can’t because of anxiety.”

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Even simple errands like going to the grocery store or driving the car can become a huge battle when the anxiety symptoms become activated. 

Anxiety symptoms like:

anxiety symptoms
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Yet for over 40 million people, dealing with chronic anxiety is their daily reality. 

The problem with anxiety is that it presents itself through a series of uncomfortable sensations like upset stomach, shaking, heaviness around the chest area, sweating, dizziness, tight throat, feeling weird or “disconnected from reality” and more. (Full list of anxiety symptoms here)

Due to the discomfort of these sensations, anxiety sufferers either pursue the elimination of the symptoms by fighting them or trying to distract themselves from them. Unfortunately, both approaches only seem to make the anxiety even more “aggressive” and “out of control”. 

This results in the anxiety cycle:

A cycle of interacting with anxiety which causes sufferers to feel like their anxiety will never get better.

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Thankfully, there are solutions

Freedom From Anxiety Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Eliminating Your Chronic Anxiety

About The Freedom From Anxiety Guide

My name is Bodell Ostertag and I am the founder of

The guide that I designed to help anxiety sufferers is simple, straightforward, and effective. Even better? It’s free.

I designed the anxiety guide with one goal in mind: To help you understand, and then eliminate, your chronic anxiety.

All of the material in The Freedom From Anxiety Guide supports that mission – to help you enjoy a life without chronic anxiety.


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As mentioned earlier, the problem with anxiety is that it presents itself through a series of symptoms. 

Then the anxiety sufferers try to get rid of the symptoms by fighting them or distracting themselves from them which only seems to make the anxiety worse. What it took me a long time to learn, and what this anxiety guide specifically addresses, is the fact that the symptoms ARE NOT the cause of anxiety. I repeat:

The symptoms of anxiety are not the cause of anxiety. 

Though the symptoms (once activated) certainly create more anxiety which then creates more symptoms, the initial appearance of symptoms are never the cause of anxiety. 

To eliminate chronic anxiety it is essential to get to the CAUSE which is creating the problems to begin with.

The CAUSE is a series of generally unconscious beliefs, expectations, and experiences which keeps the anxiety locked in place. 

We will go over the CAUSE later in the course, but provided below is an example of my own experiences with social phobia. See how all the different layers (mental, emotional, & physical) feed into each other & keep the anxiety disorder locked in place?

anxiety disorders

From my personal experiences, there are two things which anxiety unconsciously (meaning outside of your immediate awareness) tries to accomplish:

1. Anxiety tries to protect.

2. Anxiety tries to control. 

Of course it doesn’t seem like anxiety is trying to protect you or anything like that. In fact, it often seems an anxiety disorder is doing the very opposite of that. This is what makes an anxiety disorder so tricky. It hides its true purposes and keeps you fighting the anxiety symptoms without understanding the deeper layers beneath the anxiety disorder. Without ever understanding the deeper layers, you get caught in a vicious anxiety cycle that you struggle to move past.

Thankfully though, The Freedom From Anxiety Guide will provide the tools and insights to help you overcome chronic anxiety and it is designed to do so in a simple and straightforward manner.

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Remember, anxiety did not come into your life overnight. It has developed overtime and become a large part of your daily identity.

That being said – regardless of how bad your anxiety is though, it can and will get better. And this is coming from someone who has had all six anxiety disorders at varying times for 20+ years. 

If anyone should have believed their anxiety would never get better it should have been me. But I overcame chronic anxiety and I know what I had to learn to get rid of it and I am going to teach you as well.


By the end of this anxiety guide you should:

1) Have a better understanding of anxiety and why it appears

2) Know how to respond to anxiety successfully so you don’t fear it

3) Have the tools to minimize future anxiety.

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